Monday, March 7

skipping stone box

I made this skipping stone box yesterday. It reminds me of when I was a little girl. In the summertime, my family would take weekend trips to the river quite often. Sometimes we would go camping, and sometimes we'd just go for the day. Some of my favorite childhood memories include swimming, sitting around a campfire making s'mores, fishing with my dad and brothers, and skipping river stones.

The box has a clear bottom, front, and sides. I am currently obsessed with this clear chartreuse-colored stained glass with a slight texture that makes up the back wall of the box!

I had lots of fun making this, and am trying to determine if these items translate well in photographs and if I should try making more to sell at art fairs and on my webpage. Any feedback is appreciated.

Ooh, and speaking of art fairs- I just got my application for the Sioux Falls Sidewalk Arts Festival today. Receiving that envelope in the mail every year makes my day. It's become such a lovely tradition for me- road-tripping back to my home town every Fall to participate in the Sidewalk Arts Fest.


Anonymous said...

Nicki! I absolutely adore the glass box. I can't imagine that these wouldn't be all the rage on the market. It is beautiful. And I loved your inspiration for doing it. Reminds me of home. Love you! Sarah

Anonymous said...

Nicki, definitely start making these types of things and putting them on your webpage! It is so beautiful and unique. Perfect idea!

: the art of living : said...

Thank you for the kind words, Sarah! Ah, yes- skippin' stones at the lake or river.

Speaking of lake- I am suddenly reminded of your lovely pre-wedding cabin celebration, complete with wine sipping, sitting around the cozy fire, and swinging from long ropes from a big tree branch over the lake. What a beautiful night!

: the art of living : said...


Thanks for the feedback! I like the idea you emailed me too. So fun seeing your name in my comment inbox. :)