Monday, March 26

Here are a few of my latest creations! I've been buying up vintage keys on eBay like crazy, and now have gathered quite the collection of various shapes and sizes which I'll be incorporating into necklace designs. The other two charms are limited edition Moonwater Designs mixed media pieces created using various papers, paints, inks, and rubber stamps.

Wednesday, March 21

Click the photo below to see the most recent addition to the Moonwater Designs shop. I'm slowly trying to add charms to my shop. I work a full-time day job at a non-profit organization, which includes a 45-minute commute each way, so between working, eating, sleeping, walking the dog, driving, and occasionally working out, I sometimes have to be creative in finding time to create new jewelry designs and update my website!

Like tonight, for example- it's about an hour past my bedtime. I leave you with this update- small, but progress. It's all about the baby steps sometimes.

Saturday, March 17

This piece by Kendra Binney is amazing. Actually, all her work is amazing- I want them all!

Check out more of her work by visiting
her Etsy shop.

Saturday, March 3

My boyfriend and I went out to brunch today to a quaint little restaurant on our block. We had been there a few times for dinner before, and the place is recently under new ownership, so thought we'd try out their new brunch selection. First off, they painted all the vintage metal chandeliers turquoise, so I was immediately enjoying the new look of the place. There are now featuring all sorts of huge canvas paintings on the walls- a new addition. Within minutes of walking through the door, I find myself liking the new owners.

We both enjoyed the Vienna French Toast with brown sugar cinnamon butter. Add a few cups of coffee to the whole mix (chandeliers in my favorite color! huge pieces of art on almost every wall! brown butcher paper lining each table!) and suddenly I'm pinching myself and wondering if I've died gone to a cafe in heaven.

Our bill arrived in a turquoise envelope- how cute is that? Similar to when I find myself in awe of handmade tags on handcrafted things in shops, I sometimes get such a small thrill from unique little touches.