Wednesday, August 8

I would have thought I would have indulged in my cupcake fix a few weeks ago at the Alice in Wonderland trunk show, but apparently not...

I made some cupcakes tonight with vanilla buttercream frosting tinted a very pale shade of blue-green. I decorated the cupcakes with turquoise swirls similar to the signature silver swirls I use in a lot of my colored glass charms. I started out trying polka-dots, but the thin, round frosting tip I had just didn't do the trick, so I started swirling away.

I decided tonight that decorative swirls make cupcakes taste better. I think I'm going to bring some to work tomorrow, because I made around 30 cupcakes, and I promise you they'll all be gone within days- and there are only two of us in the house! We love cupcakes.

Sunday, August 5

Here's a quick shot from downtown Denver on a rainy summer evening. We went out for dinner, and this was the scene as we walked back to our car. These lights over the sidewalk never fail to enchant!

Saturday, August 4

Stacie at Archival Elements has a new blog which includes pictures of pillows she sews then stitches using yarn, embroidery, recycled materials. Her photos are great, but you should see these things in person! So lovely.