Saturday, June 11

Thanks to everyone who stopped by my booth at this Saturday's Denver Ballpark Market. It was a perfect sunny day... check out the color of the sky in the second photo- beautiful!

The following is a view from behind our display tables.

Thursday, June 2

I just updated the necklaces on my site. I was busy getting ready for my first trunk show last month, and have been making things like crazy for the upcoming Denver Ballpark Market this past week, so finally had time this evening to add some of my latest designs to my website!

I created a charm using sheet copper tonight, and hope to create more within the next week. So much fun using my letter stamps to add my favorite words to the charms! If anyone has any favorite words or short sayings, leave a comment- I'd love to hear from you.

My ever-sweet boyfriend took me to the large chain home improvement store last night- admittedly probably only to get me to stop answering every other question with "sheet copper." Sometimes when an idea hits or something inspires me, I pretty much am unable to sleep well until I take a moment to listen to whatever that voice is trying to tell me. Not always an easy task to pay attention when balancing a full-time job, spending 10-20 hours per week preparing for shows, and living on a starving artist budget... but I'm learning more and more these days that I must thrive on the challenge. I've been thinking a lot about this lately, and I'm not sure when I ever turned into this person!! Maybe it's in my blood- seems that art and various forms of entrepreneurialism are both strong themes that run throughout my family.