Saturday, April 30

My computer crashed last weekend, so I am thrilled that my new computer has arrived and I finally have regular internet access once again. Unfortunately, I lost the photos that I had taken of a bunch of new necklace charms last weekend, so I hope to spend some time this weekend re-shooting the photos. I will have some new necklaces posted on my website either this weekend or early next week.

I'm also thrilled to finally have a printer. My old printer died quite some time ago, and I missed it so!

Monday, April 11

New necklace charms for sale on eBay!

That exclamation point feels a bit out of place tonight. Even though I am always excited when I put a new batch of necklaces out there, I've been feeling very quiet and contemplative these days. I think this range of moods is just all part of the creative process and I guess just a part of being human in general.

Sometimes I feel like sitting back, being introspective, and just spending time thinking and observing and being. Other times, I'm full of energy and new ideas are swirling about and I just can't seem to write them down fast enough. I am most definitely going through an introspective phase right now.

Sunday, April 3

The little purple flowers that are growing outside my apartment door.

Another photo of the purple flowers.

My neighbor kitty likes to hang out in the windowsill.

Here's my door- if you look closely, you can see the kitty.