Thursday, May 18

beautiful synchronicity

We're getting ready to move to Denver in two days. One of my friends from work, Leane- knowing of my obsession with finding neat old treasures to use in creating- gave me a couple of vintage books she found at her church book sale the other day. As I was packing the books today something fell out of one of the books. I pick it up, and realize it is a beautiful old envelope with a graphic in one corner, a fancy little logo from The Daniels and Fisher Stores Co-- Denver, CO! It turns out that the Daniels and Fisher Store was the most prestigious department store in Denver for the first half of the century.

The envelope has an address on the front typed on an old typewriter- Mrs. M.W. Ball, 2277 Bellaire St., Denver, Colo. I looked this name up online, and it appears as though M.W. Ball is Max Waite Ball (the address matches up on a geneology site), a petroleum engineer who appeared to live in Colorado in the 1920's.

It turns out the clock tower in Denver is still standing in LoDo, now housing offices, so I will have to keep my eye out for it.

Tuesday, May 16

I am writing this on my laptop as I sit on the floor surrounded by cardboard boxes. We're moving to Denver this weekend, so I am putting the finishing touches on a few charms then packing away all my artsy belongings.

I have mixed feelings about packing up my art studio. On one hand, I get to go through an informally inventory my supplies, giving away things I no longer use. It's great knowing that when I unpack, I will put things away very deliberately and for a few brief moments I will see everything stacked so neatly, in it's place, exactly where it should be. On the other hand, having everything in boxes means that I am no longer surrounded with things like old coffee tins full of paint brushes and colorful scraps of glass- these are the types of things that make me feel at home.

I look forward to the new adventures I'm bound to find in the big city, but I will definitely miss everyone and everything that has made Fort Collins my true 'home' for the last 3 1/2 years.