Saturday, February 26

Tennis Shoes & Telephone Lines

Anyone who has seen the movie Big Fish will appreciate this photo. There are multiple pairs of tennis shoes hanging from the telephone wire in the alley behind my apartment building!

They've been there as long as I've lived here.

(my apartment is the rusty orange building in the background)

Thursday, February 24

Sampler Contribution

A sneak peek at my contribution to the April Sampler.

Sunday, February 20

Coffee & Beatles

I'm sipping coffee and listening to the Beatles right now, waiting for the caffeine to kick in prior to diving headfirst into one of my various art messes. I like thinking that art messes are a good sign, and for the most part have accepted them as a part of my whole creative process. Big messes generally mean lots of projects in the works which is most definitely a good thing. I also like to think that because I'm a visual person, having these projects and piles sitting around is like my very own visual to-do list. Who needs Post-It notes when you've can have piles, right? I could probably think of at least 8 other ways in which I make myself feel like my messes are acceptable, but I'll just leave you with my top two for now.

I've been in serious production mode this week, so while I've been creating lots of new necklaces from new bits of stained glass acquired last weekend to new vintage black and white photos to lovely river stones, I haven't had the opportunity to add any charms to my webpage this week! I had a few custom orders that I'm just finishing up, so those should be done and out the door hopefully tomorrow. I am planning on updating the shop portion of my website sometime this upcoming week.

Tuesday, February 15

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious." -Albert Einstein

Saturday, February 12

I've been tinkering around my website all morning, so it's time to change out of my pajamas (shhh- don't tell anyone it's early afternoon and I'm still in my PJ's) and venture out on this lovely Saturday afternoon.I need to pick up a few things at the stained glass shop- which is one of my favorite places in the world.

They have the sweetest dog at this shop, and his role in the organization includes lounging around on the old couch that they have in the middle of the main shop area. He's too sweet. I want his job.