Saturday, February 26

Tennis Shoes & Telephone Lines

Anyone who has seen the movie Big Fish will appreciate this photo. There are multiple pairs of tennis shoes hanging from the telephone wire in the alley behind my apartment building!

They've been there as long as I've lived here.

(my apartment is the rusty orange building in the background)


Anonymous said...

Nicki! I didn't know you had a blog. Love your designs, love your blog, love everything! This is a great shot of the shoes. All the places I have lived (including Vermillion) there were tennis shoes hanging from telephone lines. A friend from Boston told me that it signifies where a runner has been hit by a car, but upon some interweb investigation it looks like nobody knows what it means. I just added your site to my aggregator. Can't wait for more!

Sarah said...

Ooohhh...What a great photo! The sky looks like it's about to break open. I've always thought shoes hanging from wires were a little creepy. Who's were they? Were they thrown up there deliberately by the owner? Or to spite the owner? As a joke? As a kind of symbol? Very mysterious...

: the art of living : said...

Sarah and Andy! Your new blog was an inspiration. I check yours every day, and love the updates. Brandon is buying his URL this week, and told me that he was inspired by your site as well! Isn't passing on of inspiration like that such an awesome thing? I love it.

How have I lived this long and never noticed shoes hanging from telephone lines? I'm just learning that it's quite common. Upon doing some research online, it looks like there are such a wide variety of theories about the symbolism- anywhere from good luck to death to drugs.

In the movie Big Fish, the symbolism of hanging one's shoes means that that person is done searching for the perfect life because the perfect life is supposed to be in the idealistic town of Specter. So that's the angle I was going with by posting this photo- it reminded me of that movie. I love the big stories and the larger-than-life Karl the Giant.

Loved this quote from Edward Bloom to Karl the Giant:

"Did you ever think maybe you're not too big— but, maybe this town's just too small?"

Unknown said...

where is this place where shoes on hanging??? i'm in the denver area, and i'd love to see it, take a pic.... thanks for your help.

please email me if you have any info... thanks again.