Wednesday, August 8

I would have thought I would have indulged in my cupcake fix a few weeks ago at the Alice in Wonderland trunk show, but apparently not...

I made some cupcakes tonight with vanilla buttercream frosting tinted a very pale shade of blue-green. I decorated the cupcakes with turquoise swirls similar to the signature silver swirls I use in a lot of my colored glass charms. I started out trying polka-dots, but the thin, round frosting tip I had just didn't do the trick, so I started swirling away.

I decided tonight that decorative swirls make cupcakes taste better. I think I'm going to bring some to work tomorrow, because I made around 30 cupcakes, and I promise you they'll all be gone within days- and there are only two of us in the house! We love cupcakes.

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j. vorwaller said...

nicole, :) these look so so so good! i just realized that being in south americait's been almost a year that i haven't had cupcakes! can you believe that? (i guess its a north american thing, ;)

i think i'll have to make some now...i love the swirls and minty green.

xo, jenny