Sunday, March 20

I finished some wine bottle glass necklace pendants! I didn't get done with them until after the sun had gone down, so didn't get an opportunity to photograph them today. Will try to get some photos taken sometime this week, though, and hope to put some in the shop sometime within the upcoming week.

I went out for breakfast with my sweet boyfriend this morning. I had a coffee and a breakfast burrito, and I think this is my new favorite breakfast. I wanted to take photos of our view from our table, and was carefully planning on waiting until after our server took our order to sneak a photo of the lovely ornate cream-colored ceiling tiles and exposed brick walls, but they ended up seating a party at the table across from us.

I did manage to snap this photo. There's a train that runs through the middle of downtown Fort Collins. My boyfriend and I were driving in the lane right next to the train, so I snapped this picture from his car.
I live on a street about a block away from the train tracks, so have grown used to hearing the train whistles blowing as the train comes through town many times per day.


Lynette said...

As many times as we have been to Fort Collins I have never seen the train going down the street like that. I love the tree picture also. I feel like so in I just read in the Argus about bloggers!!!! Mom

Lynette said...

You can blog me now at skrinney if I can find it now that I created it...Mom

: the art of living : said...

It's a block off Old Town to the west- and I'm surprised, too, that you've never seen the train! It comes through town at least 4 times a day- maybe more. And it's *loud*!

So cool that you set up a blog! I wasn't able to find it- let me know once you've confirmed the web address. You should have received a confirmation email with your info, I believe.