Thursday, March 31

more stained glass pendants!

I just received a nice comment from fellow stained glass jewelry-maker Chu Ling. She currently has some amazing charms on eBay. They are so detailed and intricate, and I admire her style very much! You have to check them out.

We both share an obsession for buckets of stained glass scraps, and you just don't find someone like that every day, right? She mentioned seeing my things on eBay, which is funny because I have long admired her pieces she has on eBay- so it's great to finally cross paths.

Thanks again, Chu Ling, for stopping by my website!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yes! Yes! we finally cross paths and I'm very very very much delighted about it :)

we have such different styles in our work. Mine is more vintage look and I think it's kinda too neat haha... you are daring with your design, that's what attracted me. Your recent heart designs are very bold! I like them all so much!!! I'm still rather conservative in my design.

It's so nice to see you selling on ebay again. You shouldn't stop, I think it's a great place to show more people of your design... there was where your pendants caught my eyes :)