Saturday, March 12

love for my old, worn Levi's

About 8 years ago, I bought a pair of old worn Levi's at a thrift store. I really did like them at the time, even though they were dark and sans holes and didn't quite have that truly worn look and feel you sometimes find in an old pair of Levi's. Anyway, after 8 years of washing and wearing, they are finally getting that faded look. A few months ago I actually spilled a few drops of white paint on the left knee, so they have transitioned from pants I can get away with wearing to work to my art pants. I love grabbing my old Levi's every Saturday morning, and the little bit of paint makes them suddenly feel like they were just waiting all these years to become my art-making jeans. I love thee, old worn paint-splotched Levi's.

I went shopping today, and got some fruit and veggies and coffee and lipgloss, and for some reason all this makes me happy.

I am off to make some art now. Happy Saturday to you all!

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