Sunday, March 16

wine + design

Just recently, a small group of women and I started gathering for a monthly art night. We've held art night just a few times, experimenting with a different medium every month. This month, we worked with stencils- painting t-shirts, baby onesies, tote bags, fabric swatches, and even a pair of blue jeans!

We usually create while partaking in snacks, listening to inspiring music, and sharing a bottle of wine. We're all busy with school, work, and keeping up with life in general, but have discussed how absolutely refreshing it is to get together for art night.


kelli said...

Did you make the shirt you gave Jhaimann?!? I recognized the brand of the onesie from Target and assumed you bought it there. Am I wrong?

: the art of living : said...

I did! It's a stencil I printed out from the internet, then cut out, then painted.

Becki made Josi a matching shirt, but maybe just hasn't mailed it to SF yet. :)

kelli said...

Oh my. I did't thank you properly then with the thank you I just sent out! Well, just so you know I think it's even cooler now that I know you made it. I should have known better. If you don't find something cool you're going to make it.

Kyra said...

Oh wow! I love love love this idea!