Tuesday, June 5

A sincere thanks to everyone who came to the First Friday art opening at the Artists' Nook in Fort Collins this past Friday! Just a quick reminder- if you didn't make it on Friday, my entire collection of 75+ charms will be at the Artists' Nook throughout the month of June.

If you've never been there, run- don't walk - to the Artists' Nook Art Boutique, where you'll find a variety of creations by Northern Colorado mixed media artists such as Bev Perina, Hollyn Stegall, Kat Midland-Peters, Kelley Jones, Laurie Zuckerman, Leslie Smith, Lynn Henry, Sandy Vanderpool, Tiffini Elektra X, Tana Mitchell, Tracey Kazimir-Cree, Venita Hawkins-Bird, Lisa Hoffman, Linda Folkerts, Maggie Kunze, Whitney Clifton, Tara Parr & Peggy Houchin.


j. vorwaller said...

nicole, these displays (and necklaces!) are so so pretty. :)

: the art of living : said...

Thanks, Jenny! I had to stop collecting glass bottles and jars because my obsession was greater than our available storage space. :)

Melanie said...

I really like the house charms! Your work is vry special, you have such a great eye, combined nicely with imagination and talent. I bought one of your hearts on ebay and it's one of my fave pieces. Thanks for sharing your work on the blog-