Sunday, May 27

The weather this weekend has been amazing- warm and sunny. I have an art opening this upcoming Friday at the Artists' Nook in Fort Collins, so I've been doing lots of jewelry making this weekend- but have made it a point to get out there and enjoy the lovely days we've been having!

As you can see, my art desk includes jump rings. Lots of them. And permanent splashes of paint that- now that I think about it- I've never tried to wash off. The table I use is this dull GRAY of all colors, so I welcome the addition of color in the form of spilled paint.

Our dog Koda joined us on our adventures today. First, we walked into downtown Denver and went to an art fair. I love outdoor fairs and festivals, and am so glad that season is upon us! Denver's a great place to be if you enjoy attending or participating in outdoor fairs. Farmer's markets, outdoor antique flea markets, art fairs, and cultural celebrations abound.

The art fair was great. There were quite a few stained glass artists and lots of jewelry artists, both things I really enjoy. I fell in love with a necklace created by a male jewelry artist. Male jewelry artists are rare, and seeing one at an art fair is even more rare. He had unique designs, and I like to support local artists as much as my pocketbook will allow. Unfortunately, my pocketbook didn't allow me to bring home the 5-foot tall painting I loved. Someday.

After the art fair, we stopped and had tacos at a restaurant near our apartment. It has a dog-friendly patio, so Koda hung out and vacuumed up all the food that made its way to the cement floor. So polite.


j. vorwaller said...

aww, that koda of yours looks like a sweet friend to have, :)

: the art of living : said...

he is so sweet. i always thought i was a cat person until koda came along. now i'm dog-crazy!