Monday, May 21

Stop and Smell the Roses

We have a few plants in our apartment, but most are up high- outside sniffing range- so our dog Koda was curious when I brought home a bunch of flowers after work today. I sat out on our porch and quizzical Koda joined me. I looked away for a split second and he had stuffed his face in one of the pots and came up with a nose full of dirt and a giant grin on his face.

A few years ago, I thought it was time to learn how to take care of something other than myself, so I bought a few plants. Some died, but there are several that have been with me for multiple years now. Next, I got a dog. He's almost two years old now, and he passed with flying colors at our last vet visit. Since I've been successful at nurturing various things these past few years, I decided I'd plant a bed of flowers this summer using the gigantic flowerpot that the prior apartment dwellers left behind on our porch.

My parents have always had big, beautiful flower gardens in our yard, and the itch suddenly hit me this year to create a mini flower garden of my own. Living in downtown Denver surrounded by silver skyscrapers and gray concrete, bright colors and growth are especially refreshing.

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