Saturday, June 18

Enjoying the Little Things

Sometimes the little things make me the happiest. My new measuring cups made me smile this morning as I used them for the first time while making a new apple French toast recipe. I spotted these Russian nesting doll measuring cups somewhere online last year, and thought they were adorable. When I spotted them at SuperTarget yesterday, I was so excited.

Graduation was a few weeks ago, and I've been slowly adjusting to normal life. It kind of feels like maybe I'm just on my 2-week break in between quarters, except I'm not pre-ordering books from Amazon and trying to read the first 3 chapters on my so-called break, which makes me want to do a happy dance. One of the unintended consequences of going back to school is that it made me have an appreciation for my free time. The past few weeks I've had time to try new recipes, I've been experimenting a little with some new jewelry designs, and we just got a new couch and have been brainstorming about redecorating to make our apartment feel more cozy, more us.

Life is good.


erhubbell said...

Congratulations on your graduation! I had the same experience when my husband and I graduated. For the first time in four years, we had time to go on walks, redecorate, shop, sit & do nothing. I'm still reveling in that feeling 7 years later.

Nicole Hess said...

Elizabeth, that's so great that you're still reveling in it 7 years later! I hope for the same thing- to never fail to appreciate how great it feels to have time to do whatever I want. These days, I'm especially loving the "sit and do nothing" moments.

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