Saturday, February 19

Pinterest Love

Today's favorite find on Pinterest, Words of Wisdom print by Francesca Ramos

My dear friend Sarah encouraged me to sign up for Pinterest a few weeks ago, and I'm in love. If you've never heard of Pinterest, it's a website that allows you to bookmark and save catalogs of photos. I'm constantly perusing blogs and websites, and discover so many inspiring things, so I love that Pinterest allows me to save lovely photos into one giant collection. I've always kept a bulletin board on my wall full of inspiring stuff- pictures and cards and magazine cutouts- so this is like having an inspiration board online. So far, my favorite collection is "lovely words," a grouping of images of posters or graphics or other products with beautiful words and quotes.

One of my favorite things about Pinterest is that it's got a social aspect where you can follow collections of photos of like-minded pinners. If you discover a photo you love, you can click on images that others have posted, and you end up on the web page of the original source. I've found it's a great way to discover new artists and interesting websites.


jill s said...

i LOVE this.
and i think it is so cool that the person that created the poster gave permission to print it as you want!

i had it blown up at costco to a 20 x 30! i can't wait to hang it up!

Anonymous said...

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