Saturday, June 26

good things

Coffee + flea market shopping + pedicure + wine + BBQ = best day ever. I took a mini road trip and spent the day with my good friend to celebrate her 30th birthday, which is today, and my birthday, which is this upcoming week. I think summertime birthdays are the best.

Do you ever find yourself falling so much in love with the decor in a certain place that you vow to run home and decorate your living space the very same way? The little spa where we got our pedicures today had such a whimsical feel- I loved it. It made me want to run home and cut paper butterflies out of bright green, magenta, and royal purple paper and string them up across a corner of my living room.


Vivienne said...

oh my...that sounds like such a dreamy day!

and i'm totally swooning over the butterflies too...and you captured them beautifully too!

SarahinSC said...

What a fun day! Both my boys' birthdays are summer b-days and a lot of fun.

Happy early birthday!