Sunday, May 30

la vita è bella

Yesterday, I brought home a pink Vespa. I've been daydreaming about crusing on my vintage-style scooter to a coffee shop on a lazy Sunday afternoon for years now. Today, I found out that riding a scooter to a coffee shop on a warm, sunny afternoon really is every bit as fun as I imagined- maybe even better. My dream didn't include the exhilaration of feeling the wind on my face or looking straight up and seeing clouds in a bright blue sky.

At some point in early 2010, I declared this the year to finally start replacing daydreaming with doing. It's so easy to think circumstances will be just right not now but someday, using logic to guide us through life. Rather than analyzing every decision from 20 different angles, I'm finally doing all these wonderful things I've always dreamed about- like getting my dream scooter.


Vivienne said...

oh my...its just dreamy!

: the art of living : said...

Vivienne- I am in love. :)