Monday, April 26

true living

This past weekend, I attended an amazing Sabrina Ward Harrison True Living Project art journaling workshop in Seattle, hosted by Angela Ritchie Ace Camps. I've wanted to do something like this for many years, and my first art workshop certainly exceeded my expectations (and trust me when I say I knew in advance I'd have a wonderful time traveling to Seattle to spend a weekend creating).

It was amazing being surrounded with a group of kind, genuine, and interesting women who seem to share a love for so many of the things I appreciate: seeing beauty everywhere, having large and random collections of art supplies, thrift store shopping, Polaroid cameras. This has done so much to renew my spirit, in ways I can't even put into words right now.

Tomorrow, I head back to class where I'll be learning more about the nature of JavaScript code- but tonight, I will continue savoring the memory of poetry, pink blossoms, and paint on my hands.


Brabarella Lingerie said...

"This has done so much to renew my spirit, in ways I can't even put into words right now." I can so appreciate this and can only imagine how fantastic it must have problem would be never wanting to leave...

Nicole Hess said...

Patricia, it was so hard leaving! We all wanted it to last a week or a month. It's great being home today, but also so hard- missing that creative environment so much.

jill s said...

i love your post nicole.

your pictures are beautiful.

and i didn't know you made necklaces!!! they are gorgeous!

i'm so glad we met.


Nicole Hess said...

Thank you, Jill! I do make jewelry- although haven't been actively creating since I've been in grad school. I'm sure you can appreciate putting projects on the back burner while you're getting through school. Can't wait to graduate next spring.

So wonderful meeting you- and so exciting looking through all your photos. Love how you captured the weekend through images- your photography is stunning.

SarahinSC said...

Looks like you had an amazing time in the best city ever! You created some real neat stuff!

: the art of living : said...

@Sarah It was an experience of a lifetime- and so exciting that it took place in Seattle! I've only been there twice, and know why you love that city so much.

SarahinSC said...

Did you get to see Mt. Ranier? Was it rainy/cloudy or clear?

Unknown said...

beautifully said nicole. it was such a joy to meet you this weekend!

: the art of living : said...

I did see Mt. Rainier on the taxi ride to and from the airport- she was gorgeous. It was mostly sunny while we were there.

It was so great meeting you, too! I enjoyed reading your new blog post about the weekend, too.

j. vorwaller said...

welll... maybe you just need to come to seattle where we do this kind of thing all the time.