Sunday, November 12


kelli said...

I love the first charm. It's been so long since I've seen your work. I'm missing it.

Jessica said...

Hey Nicki,
I check your website often and love to see where you are going next with your work. I love the orange charm and if it's not already sold, I can get a check in the mail! I also enjoy your collage pieces and the bead charms are very feminine. Looks like you are busy and most of all inspired! Be well,

: the art of living : said...


Hi there- great to hear from you! The orange charm was sent to Archival Elements in downtown Sioux Falls, so if you're in the neighborhood she may still have that one available. If you don't think you'll get down there any time soon, let me know- I have a few more of the orange glass pieces left and can recreate this charm for you.

Thanks for the feedback on my new creations- I experienced creative burnout (which I'm learning is just a part of the ebb and flow of things) for most of 2006, so am just starting to get re-inspired lately. Are you still painting?


Jessica said...

A month later and I am now getting back to you. I have been on a much needed break. I stopped by Archival Elements in search of my beloved orange charm and was happy to hear it had sold. Happy, because some other enjoyed it as much as me, but also because you mentioned you had another piece of glass with which to recreate the charm. So, if you are still up for it I would love to have you do it. I know very much how you feel regarding the ebb and flow of the creative force. It is to be embraced, so when it is time let me know. So, while it the store, I could not resist the lovely bird charm shown on your homepage and also the 'el sol' charm. I would welcome any story about the imagery chosen for either piece. The woman in the store, I didn't get her name, mentioned your pieces sold really well over the holidays. I am so happy for you, you're very talented. Look forward to talking to you soon. Be well,