Sunday, May 8

Sometimes Mother Nature comes up with the best color combinations. Yesterday, on the way home from a day trip to Estes Park with my boyfriend, I snapped these two photos out of the car window.


Sarah said...

Gorgeous photos. The color is amazing. What kind of camera do you have, Nicki? It takes fabulous shots.

je vois l'art en tout said...

Thank you, Sarah! I have a Kodak CX7430. I upgraded from my old camera a little over a year ago, and so far it's been a really good little camera. I love that I can take close-ups of jewelry, and don't have to resort to scanning anymore.

Jocelyn said...

Looks great! I love the second picture :)

bhonner said...

oh, these pics make me want to get up into the mountains...asap! you have a realy eye, nick. snazzy shots!

Katie said...

that is what i miss the most about home.
the colors.
Alaska has the greenest green, and wildflowers everywhere, but the magic of the prairie sky is unbeatable.
thanks for the gorgeous reminder.